Only 4 programmers were involved in porting God of War to PC


God of War turned out to be an excellent port on PC, the result of work that apparently took quite a long time, about 2 years, albeit carried out by a small team, as follows from a recent Digital Foundry interview with developers from Santa Monica Studio and jetpack interactive.

Much, if not most, of the work was done by the four programmers at Jetpack Interactive, but the first experiments were done at Santa Monica Studio about 2 years before the actual PC release, according to Matt DeWald, Senior Technical Production Manager for the Sony team.

The first work on the port was mostly experimentation to see if God of War could be made to run better on PC, but then things got tighter and tighter. In the end, it became a mission of a certain depth: the idea was not only to make the game work on PC, but also to make it work at its best, as well as take advantage of the additional features that the platform provides.

For example, adding support for ultra-wide monitors required a lot of extra work, specifically in terms of building the scene on the screen, but not only, in many cases it was about building entire parts of the code, because. they had no equivalent in DirectX 11. The choice of this version instead of 12, among other things, depended on the work already done on the platform, for which some missing parts had to be completed.

For example, processing particle effects required the complete development of a piece of code that could not run on a PC. Other elements that Jetpack Interactive focuses on are support for certain technologies such as Nvidia DLSS, Reflex and AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution, as well as some original solutions such as the specific use of Ambient Occlusion, which demonstrates how the developers developed also original solutions to make God of War run at its best on PC.

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