Open-world fantasy RPG SpellMaster: The Saga has been released on Steam


Domestic developers from Spellbook Creations and publishing house Valkyrie Initiative reported that the role-playing action in the open world SpellMaster: The Saga became available in Steam.

In the game, you take on the role of a wizard who decides to establish his own magic academy and protect his home world from an impending disaster. You have to train young ambitious magicians and master numerous spells.

Game Features:

  • Various fighting styles in a detailed combat system.
  • Build and manage your own magic academy, which will become your base of operations and fortress all rolled into one.
  • Train ambitious young students and recruit famous wizards to help you on your countless adventures.
  • An open and varied world full of mystery and populated by incredible creatures and characters with unique personalities and goals.
  • Various magic schools that can be combined to suit any play style.
  • Dynamic day/night cycle that directly affects the gameplay.
  • Your choices matter: the decisions you make have consequences in the game world.
  • Lots of tasks with different ways of performing that lead to different results.

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