Oscar Isaac fights a strange creature in the new video of the TV series “Moon Knight”


Today, Marvel released a new promotional video for Moon Knight called The Choice. The 30-second clip shows a lot of new footage, including a fight between Moon Knight and an unknown creature as they jump through the air. The video also shows several of Oscar Isaac’s characters interacting as his alter Stephen Grant tries to deal with other personalities that may or may not live inside him. Watch the teaser below:

The monster in the teaser looks somewhat similar to the Deviants from another MCU Phase 4 project, The Eternals, which hit theaters last fall. Judging by the slightly different design of the creature, it becomes clear that this is not a Deviant, but its function in the plot is still unknown. Whether this battle is just one of many adventures over the series’ six episodes, or whether these creatures will multiply and become an important part of the villain’s ultimate plan remains to be seen.

Moon Knight is gradually revealing more and more plot points ahead of its release in just over a week. Unfortunately, due to the proximity of the premiere, this is likely the last new footage to be shown before the big day. However, the wait for the next chapter of Phase 4 is almost over, and viewers will find out what they can expect from the MCU in 2022.

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