Patch 0.6.0 for Vampire Survivors will feature an in-game merchant and new weapons

The new patch notes for 0.6.0 for Vampire Survivors are here, and all the details about the roguelike update should arrive today – most of them, anyway. The notes confirm new power-ups for Vampire Survivors and a bonus stage, while the teaser reveals new weapons, an in-game merchant… and something strange about to invade the game.

Update 0.6.0 for the vampire game is due out later today, May 23rd, and a description of the update is already available on the developers’ Discord. As all the fans have already understood, the description for the patch is intentionally dry and non-specific, so “1 new weapon” may turn out to be a pack of angry cats.

Developer Poncle confirms the presence of an additional stage, two new Arcana abilities, one more rank for the “Pass” bonus, and “1 relic to access two minor game mechanics.” Not much is said here, despite Poncle suggesting that the patch will have “less content than usual” as they gear up for the larger 0.7 update. They also say that one of the new mechanics is for those “who just enjoy playing the game even when there’s nothing to unlock.”

The teaser trailer offers a few more specific details. This is a new lancer weapon that attacks like a clock, and a merchant who appears in the game to offer bonuses for a high price, and looks like the main villain from Final Fantasy 6. However, wait until the end of the cinematic, as it seems that Vampire Survivors is about to Gremlins invade or something like that.

Vampire Survivors is already available on Game Pass for PC, so now you have one more reason to try the game.

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