Patch #7 and Free Lunar New Year Pack for The Ascent released; New Game+ Coming Soon


The developers of Neon Giant have released patch #7 and a free set in honor of the New Year according to the lunar calendar for The Ascent.

The free Chongqing set will help you celebrate the Lunar New Year and remember your love of cyberpunk. The set contains:

  • Traveler’s glasses These glasses are usually worn by live bait, who have seen the world. They cost a lot of money, but they look great, and this is the most important thing.
  • Fashion Glasses Highly visible glasses. This style is very popular outside the Arcology, and has now become fashionable inside it. Not enough for everyone, you know?
  • Bullet’s moon jacket won’t stop Bullet, but it will stun anyone who sees such a magnificent little thing.
  • Two new themed outerwear skins “Tiger” and “White Tiger”
  • And in the end, two new weapon skins: “Tiger” and “White Tiger”!

The pack is available on Steam and will be available on other platforms soon.

As for patch #7, read the full notes below:


  • Fixed an issue that could occur where an indefinite idle state could occur when a player tried to host an online session while the “You can join multiplayer games” privilege is set to “Block”.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur during co-op when entering Nitroad or The Node.
  • Fixed a rare issue that caused the “Failed to create game” message to appear after a player tried to create a co-op game with a new or saved game under certain conditions.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause a crash for the host player when a client player bought an item from a vendor.

Gameplay (all platforms)

  • Turrets now show the correct level when encountered.
  • Fixed an issue where not all enemies could spawn correctly during “Data Miner” (Mission 5).
  • Fixed an issue during Operation Liberation (Side Mission 19) that could cause Foreman and his guards to disappear during the mission in some cases.


  • Fixed some minor audio issues in the magazine.

Translation (all platforms)

  • Many translation fixes in all non-English languages.

Miscellaneous (all platforms)

  • Fixed some minor collision issues.

The developers also said that they have been hard at work on New Game+ over the past few months, continue to improve it, and hope to release it earlier this year along with the Cyber ​​Warrior Pack. Below is the updated roadmap.

The Ascent is available on PC and consoles. On Steam, the game is on sale at a 33% discount until February 10th.

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