Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous receives major update 1.2.0e with new features and improvements


Company Owlcat Games released a major update 1.2.0e with hundreds of fixes and changes for Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous, but so far it’s only available in beta. Keep in mind that if you’re going to participate in the beta, you’ll need to back up your saves first. This is because the saves you make in this version may not be compatible with version 1.1.

In any case, the 1.2.0e Beta update will bring many new features and improvements. Those who have had difficulty finding the Alushinirra Assassin’s Guild, which must be visited by Greybor’s quest, will be glad to know that a marker has appeared on the map indicating where it is located.

In addition, selling items now only takes one click to move an entire stack to the sell window. This works similar to how you buy items from a merchant, except that one click only selects one item, not the entire stack.

For Crusade, Ambush damage has been significantly increased. In addition, Dominion can no longer be cast on units that are immune to mind-affecting effects.

There are a lot of changes and fixes, only a small part is presented below, and full information about the patch can be found at this link.


  • Fixed the impossibility of completing the quest “By the will of the stars” if you pick up a mysterious message from under the stone and leave the location without setting up an ambush;
  • Fixed: Zosiel’s quest was not completed immediately after the second conversation with the impostor;
  • Lann’s second quest could end incorrectly if a dead Wenduag was present in the group – fixed;


  • Darrazand applied the highest dispel magic on himself when he first met the player during the siege of Dresen – fixed;
  • Fixed a bug with the lack of drops on the ground during rain;
  • Added a Personal Chest to the camp in the Frontier;


  • Priests of Asmodeus now know how to slow down;
  • The curse can now be used again;
  • Fixed: Time management did not speed up the growth of units;

Classes and mechanics:

  • “High Negative Energy Conduit” did not heal undead units;
  • Quince’s Frightening Presence ability has been reworked so that it can now be toggled on and off. Sometimes Quince just wants to play, and she was so sad that everyone was running away from her!


  • The Death’s Embrace became a robe;
  • Fixed: Weapons and belts could become the wrong size if they were put on the character during resizing;


  • Fixed: Splitting items in the loot window didn’t work properly;
  • Ingredients are no longer displayed when the scroll is removed from the scroll creation interface;

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