Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous Update 1.2.1g Released


Developers from Owlcat Games released an update containing fixes and new content for the Inevitable Consequences expansion, as well as changes to the main campaign.

There have been quite a few fixes. You can find the full list of changes at link.


  • You will now be able to retrain your companions in the expansion;
  • The developers have fixed the problem with loading some old saves. The complaints came mostly from macOS players, but it could also happen on Windows;
  • In turn-based mode, characters will now be able to walk through doorways.

More employees Owlcat Games be warned that it may contain spoilers.


  • The Inevitable Consequences expansion adds: special dialogue options for the Azata and Demon mythic paths, more places to find ingredients for Taberdine’s elixir, warning about the point of no return when entering Valmallos’ Line…
  • Lariel now correctly reacts to the mythical Angel;
  • Devarra correctly responds to a decision made by the player regarding her offspring;
  • Zakarius now has an adequate reaction to the Lich;
  • Improved and added an epilogue in the supplement


  • Enigma location optimization improvements;
  • Fixed a situation where in the Prison of Inevitability, the teleport ban did not apply to all available abilities;
  • The light on the Mage’s Tower is now displayed correctly;
  • There is no longer a bug where in the Eradication Camp it was possible to see what is happening under the location at the edge of the map;
  • Companions in Drezen will no longer speak out of the dark


  • Correct display of the visual effect of sleep;
  • Frostbite worked correctly;
  • The amount of experience required to raise Leadership has been reduced;
  • The global spell “Exhaustion” now works as described;
  • Increased damage for units such as Glaunder’s Knights, Grave Knights and Infernal Infantry

Classes and mechanics:

  • Deiran now gains aasimar legacies over time when creating a new campaign in Inevitable Consequences instead of all at once;
  • You can retrain the Skeleton Warrior companion;
  • Correct difficulty value for Assassin’s “Poison”;
  • Effects received as a result of character death no longer disappear;
  • Erastil’s Blessing has a description

Turn-based battle mode:

  • In turn-based mode, characters can walk through doorways.


  • “Call of the Fire Beasts” got a description


  • Fixed: Deep Shadow Chilling Demon not attacking allies, animation for one very thick dwarven beard, loading some old saves, size and position of Warhammer of Stubbornness in hand;
  • The visuals of such spells as “Ice Storm” and “Call of Stone” have become better;
  • Those companions that remained in another location are displayed when you press Tab

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