Pearl Abyss unveils Black Desert development plan at annual Heidel Reception

The event showcased new Abyss One content: Magnus, the third group dungeon, Atoraxion: Yorunakia, and a new region, Land of the Morning, inspired by the Korean Joseon Dynasty.

Magnus is an alternate world that exists parallel to the world of Black Desert, a hidden realm that is not tied to time and space. It will open up various challenges and adventures for players that have not been in Black Desert before. Magnus will be available worldwide on October 12th.

The developers have also announced the third Black Desert group dungeon, Athoraxion: Yorunakia. It is located in ruins in the middle of an ancient forest, where players will find epic monster battles, puzzles and new knowledge about the world, which will be revealed through a dynamic storyline of quests. The adventurers will embark on a journey to defeat a new boss, Amaryllos, who is reborn into a new, more powerful form each time he dies. The dungeon will appear in November of this year.

Finally, it became known that a new region, Land of the Morning, is under development. Inspired by the Joseon Dynasty, the last dynastic rulers of Korea, the region features unique topography, buildings, and vegetation that are reminiscent of that era. Players are waiting for adanias based on Korean myths and folklore.

In addition to content updates, coupons were announced during the event:

  • MEMO-RIES-TOGE-THER (valid September 24th – December 6th): Loyal Hammer from J, Advice of Valks (+150), 2000 Crown Stones and more.
  • HEID-ELBA-LL20-2209 (valid September 28th – December 6th): A secret book of perfect balance that can be used to level up a character, add experience points, or add inventory space.

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