People wonder why Elden Ring wyverns have nipples


Elden Ring has many unexplained enemies. Why is there a spider made out of hands? Why is there a jar of spider legs? Why do glowing minotaurs or giant ants exist? These are questions that Elden Ring largely leaves unanswered.

But there is one question that Elden Ring players are demanding answers to – why do wyverns have nipples.

In other fantasy settings, wyverns are usually considered lizard-like creatures, and everyone knows that lizards don’t have nipples. However, the promotional image for Elden Ring shows a bare-chested wyvern attacking the player with its unmistakably protruding nipples. And claws, but those nipples seem even sharper.

Message on ResetEra forums suggests that perhaps Elden Ring wyverns are actually mammals. For a similar question, posted on Reddit a month agothere is an answer that might actually clear things up.

Back in 2000, FromSoft released a game called Eternal Ring. It had dragons in it, and those dragons turned out to be transformed humans who succumbed to a kind of bestial madness. And given the curse that overtook the world of Elden Ring after the destruction of the Elden Ring, it is possible that absolutely all strange creatures, including wyverns, used to be ordinary people. So FromSoft held onto the idea of ​​turned humans for two decades to re-introduce it for Elden Ring.

Developers with a long history often surreptitiously refer to their past games. FromSoft’s wyverns with human nipples are just one example in Elden Ring, a game that draws heavily on the Dark Souls series.

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