Peter Dinklage slams Disney’s ‘Snow White’ remake for being progressive in the wrong direction


List of remakes Disney already includes Cinderella, The Jungle Book and Beauty and the Beastand will be replenished with a remake soon “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” Marb Webb, director “500 days of Summer” and “The new Spiderman” with Andrew Garfield. Rachel Zegler of West Side Story fame has been cast as Snow White, while Gal Gadot has been cast as the Evil Queen.

Emmy winner Peter Dinklage on podcast WTF, and without holding back expressions spoke about the remake of “Snow White”, saying that the dwarves are depicted “fucking the wrong way.”

Too much hypocrisy. No offense to anyone, but I got a little crazy when they got so proud that they cast a Latina actress as Snow White. Ah, well, it’s still the story of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Step back and see what you’re doing. Where is the point?

It is not yet known if the plot will deviate in any way from canon, and the actress chosen is attractive enough, but Dinklage insists:

On the one hand you’re so progressive and meanwhile you’re still re-inventing this fucking story about seven dwarfs living together in a cave, what the f*ck are you doing, dude? Wasn’t there any contribution on my part to move this matter forward? I don’t seem to be visible enough. I don’t know what studio is making it, but they were so proud of it. Love and respect to the actress and everyone who thought they were doing the right thing. But I’m like, “what the fuck?”

Disney hasn’t even announced their plans for the remake’s dwarves or any details yet, but Dinklage preemptively triggered and said in a disappointed tone that he’d love to see if someone retells the tale with a “f*cking, cool, or progressive interpretation.” ”, but he is confused by the simple retelling of the same story of “Snow White” in the usual format.

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