Phil Spencer: “Buying Activision is the most important thing I’ve ever done”


Phil Spencer does over time Xbox more and more. The last big success Microsoft became a purchase Activision Blizzard almost for $70 billionsomething that has never happened before in the gaming industry.

During an interview with Axios, the head of the Xbox division once again focused on Activision Blizzard’s entry into Xbox Game Studios, showing that he was very impressed with the great goal he was able to achieve.

“This is way beyond anything he’s ever done,” Spencer emphasized, who nonetheless elaborated, “If the agreement is finally closed, I don’t think we’ll be able to make new rules on our own in the video game industry.” .

Right now, Spencer has other priorities, and above all they relate to the need to make the “newcomers” feel completely at ease and give them the opportunity to reach their full potential:

“I want to fight for what makes teams better and makes them feel safe. We have been open about these aspects, but I reject the idea that we have adopted a position of unrestricted dominance. I don’t think so,” says the head of Xbox.

“Our long-term goal,” concludes Spencer, “is to answer this question: ‘Do the creators on our platform feel they are able to reach as many players as possible with the maximum creative variety they need?'”

For what he has accomplished over the years, Phil Spencer will receive the Lifetime Achievement Award at the DICE Awards 2022.

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