Philips is about to enter the computer memory market


Judging by the leaked photos from the BoardChannels forum, Philips supposedly will soon start selling computer memory. The company is preparing memory kits DDR4 and DDR5in order to compete in the market with existing giants.

The memory market is very competitive, there are many players, and profit margins are very low. Thus, even a company like Philips will find it difficult to create its own brand of memory. However, there are rumors that Philips will compete in the desktop and laptop memory segments, and we may soon see an official announcement from the company as early as next week.

The photos show the memory modules Philips DDR5-4800 32 GB and DDR4-2666 8 GB, although the latter is mislabeled. For now, it looks like Philips will play it safe and stick with memory JEDEC, just as Lexar began its entry into the memory market. However, Lexar eventually started making memory for enthusiasts and overclockers, so it’s likely that Philips will try its hand at making gaming memory in the future.

Philips is known for being a multinational conglomerate giant that deals in everything from personal health to consumer electronics. Although Philips is not a big name in enthusiast components, it does commercialize many pieces of computer hardware including gaming monitors, solid state drives and peripherals.

Memory prices skyrocketed during the pandemic due to the global semiconductor shortage. However, the trend has improved over the past couple of months, although DDR5 is still expensive. Philips’ jump into the memory race is unlikely to affect prices, but if it does, it will give consumers another choice in the market to purchase
DDR4 or DDR5 memory kit.

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