Players have announced a boycott of GTA 5 due to a “useless” subscription


The other day, Rockstar Games studio announced a new type of monetization in Grand Theft Auto 5. In online mode, it became possible to purchase a subscription that gives various bonuses to its owners. Apparently, the players did not appreciate the idea and massively complain about this innovation.

Subscription even at the time of the announcement was subjected to extremely negative criticism from users. Now that it has been added to the game, gamers are calling for a boycott of GTA 5 along with multiplayer.

Most users call the subscription corny “useless” and “unnecessary”. They massively rushed to the aggregators of user ratings, where they began to lower the rating of the updated GTA 5 even more. At the same time, there are calls to completely abandon the game until the developers fix everything in the updates.

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