Players Suspect Elden Ring Affliction Scaling Not Working


Elden Ring is currently one of the most popular games. However, even a nearly perfect game will still launch with some errors. Unfortunately, some players suspect that weapons that scale with the Affliction character attribute and any other attribute may be buggy.

In a recent post on reddit one user wrote: “If the weapon is not purely physical and has sorcery as one of its scaling, it will have 0 scaling instead.” This alleged bug even affects the weapon’s physical scaling, effectively rendering it practically useless as it will only have base stats and ignore your attributes.

Other users have confirmed that the weapons they found, depending on sorcery, did not deal more damage when pumping these attributes.

If this bug is real, it doesn’t completely break the game as you have a lot of weapons to choose from. However, this means that players who wanted to create a spellcasting hybrid build would have a hard time against most enemies, as their weapons would only deal more damage if they were upgraded.

Luckily, FromSoftware fixes bugs and crashes quickly, a user on Reddit noted that he tweeted the developer about the issue.

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