PlayStation 5 Elite Controller Now Available

PlayStation 5 owners looking for a competitive edge have a new opportunity: controller maker HexGaming has announced Hex Rival, an all-new “Ideal Esports Controller”. This is the first elite-style controller we’ve seen designed specifically for the PS5, although it sells for a hefty $ 290 price tag.

The Hex Rival has two rear buttons that can be mapped to 15 different commands, both face buttons and direction inputs, and interchangeable joysticks with different heights and grip designs.

HexGaming Hex Rival PS5 Controller – $ 290

expensive joystick for ps5

Hex Rival, the new premium PS5 controller from HexGaming, is now available on both Amazon and HexGaming’s official website. It is available in several colors and designs, including Big Wave (pictured), Pink Sakura, Galaxy Nebula, and Origin of Chaos.

Hex Rival is a premium PS5 controller, and if you’re looking for games to play, check out the Amazon Prime Day deals for PS5 and PS4.

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