PlayStation Network may come to PC with its own launcher


PlayStation Network could also arrive on PC with a dedicated launcher, as revealed in a new report.

According to a new job offer, Sony Interactive Entertainment is looking for a new director for Product Management – PC Gaming Experience. Judging by what was indicated, it seems that the company wants to bring the PlayStation Network to PC as well using a special launcher.

The job posting says:

“This position will be asked to lead the PlayStation PC gaming experience, including leadership and responsibility for implementing and delivering experiences to our players around the world. He will also need to lead and develop the roadmap for the entire gaming experience, including SDK development, client application experience, and integration of the PlayStation networking platform.”

That alone wouldn’t be enough to draw conclusions, but we also have to remember that last year’s job offer indicated that Sony was looking for a UX design manager to spearhead PlayStation beyond the console, with a focus on mobile, PC/laptop and tablets. In addition, PlayStation was looking for someone who could create in-game trophies.

If Sony really wanted to offer their own launcher, we shouldn’t be too surprised. Steam is the main platform in the PC world and allows you to access a large audience, but being able to sell your games to players directly from your platform will allow you to maximize your income.

As always, we clarify that so far this is only a report, and not official information. There is nothing left but to wait and see if Sony will announce something about this.

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