PlayStation Players Get Call of Duty: Vanguard Bonuses Before Others

As posted on the PlayStation Blog and shared by CharlieIntel below, PlayStation users can look forward to Doubling XP monthly events, additional dedicated gear slots, and five-level Battle Pass Packs. PlayStation players will also receive a new Battle Pack for each new season (PS Plus members only), as well as + 25% Weapon XP when playing with friends in a party.

Activision and Sony have entered into an agreement that allows PlayStation users to access content earlier than other platforms, and Vanguard is the latest in the series to continue that tradition. Prior to that, PlayStation tried out the Vanguard Champion Hill mode before anyone else, and the beta version was made available first on the PlayStation, and then on the Xbox and PC.

A recent Vanguard trailer revealed that PlayStation-exclusive content won’t hit Xbox or PC for at least a year.

Microsoft struck a deal with Activision for a Call of Duty exclusivity over the years, before Sony won it over Xbox, starting with Black Ops III in 2015. Since then, every game has included PlayStation-exclusive content, much like Destiny when it was published by Activision.

Vanguard is out on November 5 and isn’t the only major Call of Duty event this year. The Battle Royale Warzone game introduces an all-new Caldera map and the game changes its name to Warzone Pacific to match the WWII theme. Additionally, Activision continues to ramp up its mobile communications efforts for Call of Duty with the acquisition of Digital Legends.

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