‘Pounced like a pack of hyenas’: Adam McKay discusses unexpectedly negative critical reaction to ‘Don’t Look Up’


During Variety’s interview with McKay and his team, McKay told of some critics’ “strong anger” at the film, stating that he was “surprised” by how negative they were. McKay said the critical response was “violent” and he was immediately attacked on social media for “jokingly saying” that people who couldn’t accept the film didn’t understand what was going on in the world.

I think we were all shocked. The reviews were almost 50/50, and that’s okay, we’ve all been through it. But I was shocked at how angry some of the critics were. At test screenings, the film never caused such a reaction. In general, the audience laughed.

Therefore, when the reviews appeared… It does not mean that they are wrong. Of course, reviews can be complex and passionate… On social media, I joked about some of the reviews, writing that some people don’t seem to understand what’s going on in the world. And then the social networks attacked me like a pack of hyenas. “He says if you don’t like the movie, then you don’t care about the world!” It was not at all what I said! All of a sudden the whole thing got a crazy boost and there was a backlash against the critics. This became the thesis: “If you doubt the critics, you are guilty of Trumpism!” Just like in the movie

And yet, despite the negative reviews and backlash, Don’t Look Up is currently the 3rd most watched Netflix original movie in its first 11 days. Even though the film was not well received by critics, viewers are certainly showing their support for the film by watching Don’t Look Up on Netflix.

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