Prison Architect: Gangs DLC Available Now on PC and Consoles

It adds gang warfare, dishonest guards and other interesting innovations.

On sale on PC, Xbox One and PS4, the Gangs add-on for prison simulator Prison Architect has arrived – now the managers in the form of players will have to watch how prisoners form gangs according to their interests. Their growth and strengthening will inevitably lead to conflict – thanks to the new feature, gamers will be able to track the “boiling point”, the achievement of which will lead to a riot or war of factions. But thanks to the re-education program, prisoners can leave gangs if users help them to do so.

Gangs also added dishonest guards who can trade in smuggling, new premises and an interface. Simultaneously with the DLC, a free Kite update was released, available to all players – it increases the number of guards and guard dogs, adds improvements to the game menu and other minor features.

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