Psyker will be playable in Warhammer 40,000: Darktide

Warhammer 40,000: Darktide follows in the footsteps of the Vermintide series, which is a four-player co-op game where players choose from various thematically-relevant classes. While we saw an ogryn, a fanatic and two veterans in the game’s release date trailer, a new Edge Magazine article confirms that another option would be a psyker.

In the 40K universe, psykers are able to enter their minds into a parallel universe called the Warp and use its power to essentially perform magic. This is risky because the Warp is where Chaos comes from: a sentient, malevolent force that manifests itself in the form of demons. The Inquisition hunts down rogue psykers before they cause too much damage, and recruits the strongest of them into the ranks of sanctioned psykers.

The Darktide psyker can also use the power of the warp to defend against incoming ranged attacks, although each class seems to have a different shield: the veteran is protected by armor, the fanatic is protected by faith power, and the ogryn is thick. All shields encourage grouping as they recharge faster if you are close to other players.

Where classes in the Vermintide series are five separate existing characters, in Darktide players get the opportunity to personalize them, giving them a personality and a face.

Fatshark hasn’t developed a character editor for its previous games, but the system built into this game allows you to design the scarred and mutilated hero of the grim future you’ve always wanted to be.

Your class in Darktide obviously determines the equipment options available: for example, a psyker can wield a power sword, but not a plasma pistol. Each class also has its own special ability: the Veteran can zoom in and get bonus headshot damage, while the Zealot can attack enemies by interrupting and trapping them in melee combat.

You can read about other interesting details here

Darktide will release on September 13th and will be available on Steam and GamePass from day one.

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