Rainbow Six Siege Y6S2.2 Update Details

Ubisoft announced the planned balance changes for Rainbow Six Siege Y6S2.2, which will arrive on test servers and the main game later this month.

One of the biggest changes in Y6S2.2 is that the Favela map is added to both rated and unrated playlists, no longer limiting the map to just random playlists. Another big change is the re-balancing of Nokk that has been implemented on test servers until it is included in the main game. The developer said that he wanted to make the Nokk immune to the devices of some new operators in order to benefit from its invisibility, but could not do it in a balanced way. With her immunity, Nokk could reach her target completely unnoticed, and removing any of her other abilities resulted in player frustration.

Ubisoft has shared data it is using to make changes to the game, including attendance and win deltas and ban rates for all operators in a ranked game on PC with Platinum status or higher. Zofia is tinkering with the recoil of her M762 to make it harder to control the weapon in order to reduce her ability as an attacker.

For a complete list of changes, please visit the official Rainbow Six Siege website.

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