Ray tracing and other visual enhancements take Elden Ring graphics to the next level


The well-known blogger Digital Dreams, who became famous for introducing his own ray tracing technology into games, got to the new project from FromSoftware. Enthusiast installed a few graphics mods for Elden Ring, added RTX and fixed frame rate drop issues. Hardcore action just got even better.

With the help of modifications, the author managed to improve the range of drawing objects, which greatly affects the overall impression of the open world. Ray tracing has had a big impact on shadows and fine particle effects, but globally the changes are subtle. The full visual potential of Elden Ring with mods installed can only be seen in 4Kwhere you can clearly see the quality of rendering of all objects.

Recall that the players found a very strong PvP build in Elden Ring, which practically breaks fair online battles.

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