Razer and Clearbot improve ocean cleaning robots

A video game peripheral manufacturer has invested its engineering resources in cleaning up the ocean.

In honor of World Oceans Day, a celebration to raise awareness of the causes of ocean conservation and the threats currently facing marine ecosystems. In recognition of the day, Razer announced that it is working on a solar-powered robot designed to clean up the vast amount of plastic waste that has fallen into the sea.

Razer has teamed up with Clearbot, a Hong Kong-based startup that is working to create a “swarm of AI-enabled autonomous garbage collectors” to help ocean waters recover and mitigate the threat posed by garbage to marine life. In particular, Razer has focused its efforts on helping Clearbot scale up its bots to make them cheaper and easier to manufacture, an important component of realizing the potential of the technology.

“Through the partnership with ClearBot, Razer’s leading engineers and designers have dedicated their personal time and technical expertise to help transform their prototype into a scalable product for the mass market,” Razer said in a press release. “Using Razer’s extensive knowledge and manufacturing know-how, ClearBot has been able to improve the design of the robot, making it smarter and more efficient.”

The accumulation of garbage in the oceans has become a serious environmental threat and threatens many types of marine life. While it’s hard to quantify the cost of this problem, we do know that literally trillions of pieces of trash have ended up in the ocean – most at near microscopic levels that are especially easily consumed by animals. As a result, plastic enters the food chain, including fish that people eat.

In other Razer news, it should be noted that the company has an E3 2021 event scheduled.

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