Rebellion Demonstrates Project Dinosaur Dinosaur Tech Demo on Unreal Engine 5


Last week, Rebellion shared a new showreel showcasing some of their latest projects. Among them was an interesting tech demo of dinosaurs in Unreal Engine 5 called Project Dinosaur.

Unfortunately, little is known about her. From what we can see, this project showcases a T-Rex in a very detailed forest. Rebellion used Unreal Engine 5 to create this demo.

Unfortunately, this tech demo is not available to the public. Moreover, there are no additional technical details about it. For example, we don’t know if it takes advantage of Lumen or Nanite. However, from the looks of it, we can assume that he is using Quixel Megascans.

At the end there is another cool Unreal Engine 5 project called Project: Space.

It would be great if Rebellion expanded on Project Dinosaur to make a new game. Provided that it would be a single-player game, and not another multiplayer/survival game.

Take a look at two amazing years of hard work and collaboration at Rebellion Film Studios in this brand new showreel. We’ve worked with incredibly talented partners who push the boundaries of what’s possible in virtual manufacturing. We are proud of the innovative and cutting edge projects we have created at our fantastic Didcot Film & TV studios such as the Zombie Army Legion of the Dead trailer, Percival, the Evil Genius 2 cinematic trailer and more! We have also had the honor of working together and collaborating with our friends at Epic, Vicon, ARRI, Creative Technology and 80Six on a range of different projects that you can check out in our showreel and we look forward to more projects in the future.

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