Remedy Games on Max Payne remakes – ‘It’s like coming home for us’


The decision of the Finnish company Remedy Games, together with Rockstar Games, to remake the first two Max Payne games was one of the most unexpected announcements of 2022. With a lot of hype around this announcement, one might wonder why the developers decided to remake the game.

This question was answered by Remedy Games CEO Tero Virtala in a Q&A segment at Remedy’s latest investor meeting. During the conversation, Virtala was asked why Remedy took the trouble to remake one of their earliest games instead of focusing on new IPs, for which he gave several good reasons, one of which is: “It’s Max Payne, for us it’s like a comeback home”.

Virtala explains that it’s important for a company to grow to have different teams of leaders working on different projects, and because Max Payne’s DNA is at the heart of what the company does so far, it’s a profitable way to experiment with the ever-changing set of tools that a developer uses in their games.

Virtala stressed that while he is happy to take on this project from a financial standpoint, it must be in line with what the company is and what it does.

You can listen to the entire conversation with investors below.

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