Replaced Coming To PC, Xbox One And Xbox Series X | S In 2022

It’s not entirely clear what’s going on in the Replaced showcase trailer, but even in the first few minutes it looks pretty grim. With a cyberpunk look, pixel art visual style, a mixture of dystopian moments and tense hand-to-hand combat, we mostly get the Replaced vibe, but it’s intense and interesting.

Check out the trailer below, which debuted during the Xbox and Bethesda demo at E3 2021. The in-game mix of pixel art, side-scrolling, high-quality 3D effects and lighting effects creates a pretty interesting look.

The Sad Cat Studios developer website has even more details:

REPLACED is a cinematic retrofuturistic action movie set in a dystopian alternate version of the 1980s USA. You are REACH – an artificial intelligence trapped in a mortal human body against its will. Explore the world, expand the boundaries of your body in intense battles and discover what it’s like to be a living being. “

Xbox also tweeted an additional look at the game with some context. It is described as a platformer, but we see a quick mixture of hand-to-hand combat and sword fighting. So it looks like you have the tools to handle them in high-speed melee combat like John Wick.

Replaced Goes To Release On PC, Xbox One And Xbox Series X | S and will be available on Day 1 with Xbox Game Pass.

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