Resident Evil 3 voice over update released


Notorious fan-made voice acting studio RG MVO unexpectedly released a global voiceover update Resident Evil 3. The update is called version 2.0 and carries an impressive list of changes:

What’s new in the voice acting that the version has already become 2.0, you ask? Yes, without a doubt, the localization of RE3 is one of our most successful and high-quality projects, if not the most. But that doesn’t mean it couldn’t be made even better. And we tried. Whether it worked out or not is up to you to judge, but here is a list of changes in the new version:

• The text has been revised and many changes have been made.
• Completely re-voiced by Jill Valentine (don’t worry, same actress).
• Completely re-voiced by Brad Vickers (same actor).
• Replaced the actor with Dario Rosso.
• Replaced the actor with Marvin Branagh (to match the voice acting of RE2).
• Completely redone introductory video.
• Replaced the actors on several minor characters.
• Completely redesigned sound balance.
• The song in the cafe is now replaced purely by the user’s choice. (Oh, that ill-fated song!)
• Fixed inconsistencies in subtitles.

Also, in addition to the global update, the studio released an almost two-hour game film, which contains all the important plot and gameplay moments. Naturally, the igrofilm is based precisely on the new version of the voice acting.

RG MVO (MechanicsVoiceOver) – analysis of game resources, voice acting of games and translations.

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