Respawn’s sudden announcements prove EA’s big disappointment in Battlefield 2042


Electronic Arts, with the support of Lucasfilm, announced that it is working on three Star Wars games at once, which are being developed by Respawn Entertainment. By words authoritative insider Tom Henderson, such an announcement proves a strong disappointment with the publisher in Battlefield 2042.

As arguments for his words, Henderson refers to the suddenness of the announcement. Instead of talking about updates to EA’s most important shooter series, the company announces the development of three games at once. Moreover, the announcement was not timed to coincide with an important event or event. In addition, Electronic Arts did not actually show the games, revealing only a small description of them.

The insider believes that EA now sees its only “saviors” in the developers from Respawn. Most likely, the authors themselves will quickly forget about Battlefield 2042 and stop supporting it this year.

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