Results of State of Play 2022

They showed a remake of Resident Evil 4, announced Spider-Man 2018 on PC (including Miles Morales), and also pleased with the trailers of The Callisto Protocol, Street Fighter 6 and Final Fantasy XVI.

Sony held a State of Play presentation, where they shared news about upcoming games on PS4, PS5 and PS VR 2. We collected the most interesting for you:

  • Resident Evil 4 Remake has been announced and is set to release on March 24, 2023 on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S. The project will also have content for PS VR 2. The cult game of the series will get modern controls, and its story will be rethought.

  • For Resident Evil 8 and No Man’s Sky, versions for PS VR 2 will be released at an unknown time.

  • Spider-Man is finally coming to PC – the Spider-Man remastered (with all the add-ons) will appear on August 12, and the successor Miles Morales will be slightly delayed and will delight PC gamers in the fall. Insomaniac shared a financial success with sales of the Spider-Man series exceeding 33 million copies.

  • They showed the gameplay of the fighting game Street Fighter 6, announced this spring. They paid attention, suddenly, to the open world, and of the fights, which, thanks to the prettier picture, look even juicier. Looking forward to 2023 for PS4/5.

  • In the three-minute trailer for Final Fantasy XVI, we learned more about the world of Valistee and looked at the gameplay with the interface. At the moment, the developers are polishing the project, and the release will take place next summer on PS 5.

  • We tried to scare you with the first gameplay trailer for The Calisto Protocol horror movie from the creator of Dead Space. The footage is reminiscent of a mixture of Dead Space and Resident Evil, and it is clear from them that the player will be constantly kept in suspense. Expect December 2 this year for PC, PS4/5 and Xbox One/Series.

  • Announced rollerblading shooter with comic-style graphics Rollerdrome – that’s what would happen if Max Payne decided to deal with enemies even more spectacularly by wearing rollerblades for this. Releases August 16 for PC and both generations of PlayStation.

  • Stray’s release date has been announced – we’ll be traveling as a cat on July 19 on PC and PS4/5.

  • They showed the gameplay of Horizon: Call of Mountain for PS VR 2. Recall that this is a separate game in the universe exclusively for the VR 2 virtual reality helmet with a new protagonist.

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