Results of the Devolver Digital 2022 presentation

Traditionally, Devolver Digital put together a crazy show, and also traditionally presented not as many games as we would like. Briefly describe what was shown.

The show was only 25 minutes long and felt like an episode of an old TV series – host Nina Struthers and game designer Goichi Suda took on the roles of a scientist and a smart robot, respectively, and showed trailers of upcoming indie games between scenes.

  • For the action roguelike Cult of the Lamb, where players will have to be in the skin of a possessed lamb, the release date has been announced – August 11 this year. The strange yet stylish animal world will be available on PC, PS and Xbox consoles of two generations, as well as on Nintendo Switch.

  • Skate Story is an atmospheric adventure about a demon skateboarder whose body is made of glass. In the game, he will have to perform various tricks, keep his balance and find a way out of the underworld. And do not even be surprised by what you read, because this is Devolver Digital. Looking forward to 2023.

  • If you like those one-off moments in shooters where you spectacularly kick the door off your foot and confuse the enemies in the room, then definitely add the game Anger Foot from the creators of Broforce to your wishlist. This is a first-person shooter where your leg will become your weapon. We expect this interesting cartoon “hardbass game” in 2023.

  • The Plucky Squire is a good adventure about the heroes of Yota’s fairy tales, who break out of the book and go to explore our real world. The action-platformer offers interesting mechanics with movement between 2D and 3D worlds, and we will be able to try it out in practice in 2023 on PC, PS4, Xbox Series and Nintendo Switch.

Broadcast recording:

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