Retro-futuristic western ExeKiller has received the theme music and the first development diary!


Music plays a huge role in giving atmosphere to many games. The track “I am ExeKiller” from the composer Igor Avdeev is a vivid proof of this. Future bounty hunters trying to survive in a bleak, post-apocalyptic world, listen to the title track of the western ExeKiller!

Project creators from the studio Paradark also released a developer diary, where they told a little about their team.

First of all, the studio itself currently has 12 people. Yes, by modern standards, this is a very tiny studio, but sometimes even small companies released very good projects. Every day, programmers, scriptwriters, level designers, composers, sound designers, animators, 3D artists combine their efforts to create a cool game. It would be nice if in the future, of course, the composition of the studio increased, but for now we have what we have.

The developers plan to fulfill their promise regarding non-linear gameplay and non-linear plot. The choice in the course of the story will not be superficial – it will have a real meaning. A revolver can often make the difference, but the shooter will get noticed, whether it’s a compassionate or a vengeful hunter.

Many things shown in the first trailer have been improved. Not all things are included in the first act, but everything will definitely be reflected in the final production. Six months have passed since the announcement of the game, so for those who have forgotten, here is the very trailer that effectively introduced the game in 2021:

Each of us describes the world with all five senses. Sight may be the most important thing in our lives, but hearing often allows you to give context to what you see. That is why the studio staff Paradark first want give the opportunity to plunge into the musical atmosphere, and only then release gameplay trailers.

The main thing is that the words of the developers become a reality, and not just beautiful promises.

We are constantly working to ensure that the world of Exekiller opens its doors to you (rather than opening a Pandora’s box with errors).

The project is scheduled for PC. It’s still too early to talk about a release date.

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