RG MVO has updated its localization for Resident Evil 2 and released a video with voice actors


Fan Voice Studio RG MVO updated its text and sound cracker for Resident Evil 2, correcting some errors and inconsistencies in the text, and also released a video that shows the voices of all the voice actors who took part in the project.

Also, the studio recently updated its video dedicated to the work on localization and translation difficulties. Resident Evil 2.

Here we just updated our localization for Resident Evil 2, correcting the found errors and inconsistencies in the text, as well as adapting it to the latest version of the game. So if you suddenly haven’t played this part of the series with our localization, then this is a good reason to get acquainted with it.

RG MVO (MechanicsVoiceOver) – analysis of game resources, voice acting of games and translations.

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