Robert Pattinson on Batman: ‘Fans will be shocked at how different it is from other films’


According to Robert Pattinson, there is no such thing as a bad Batman movie, but at the same time, he is convinced that his “Batman” will be different from all other films in the Dark Knight franchise.

Speaking to Total Film, Robert Pattinson opened up about his love for Batman, stating that Bruce Wayne is the only comic book character who has always attracted him, physically forcing him to go to the theater every time a new movie comes out over the years.

Out of all the characters in comics and so-called bluecomics in general, I’ve watched every Batman movie in the theater – it’s the only series I’ve followed absolutely consistently, I haven’t done that with any other superhero saga. Every time I couldn’t wait for a new movie to come out.

In a way, I was looking forward to this movie because the character has always attracted me, but I also knew that there are no bad Batman movies. Some people like to make fun of this or that film, but these are not exactly bad films. Every Batman movie achieves its goal one hundred percent, and in that sense they are all interesting, depending on their ambition and release time. I’ve always liked this character.

When I saw the film for the first time, from the very first frames, I noticed that the tone was incredibly different from other films. And it’s so strange at first: it’s a very sad film and very touching. This is a very, very unusual Batman story, and it’s hard to imagine that it will have a sequel and become a saga. I mean, there’s always something like “Batman Returns” at the end… But other than that, it feels like a weirdly personal movie. I think people will be shocked at how different it will be from previous films.

Curiously, Matt Reeves also confessed his undying love for Batman, a character he’s been following since childhood. So it looks like the Gotham superhero is in good hands with Robert Pattinson and Matt Reeves.

The Batman movie will hit theaters on March 3rd.

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