Rooks will arrive in War Thunder

The legendary Soviet attack aircraft Su-25, known by the nickname “Rook”, will be added to the game. The new trailer shows the plane under the cover of “Blood Type”.

The Su-25 is an easy-to-manufacture and maintain jet attack aircraft that provides close support to the ground forces on operational calls and can operate even from poorly prepared airfields. It is equipped with a 30-mm rapid-fire cannon, a ballistic computer allows you to very effectively drop unguided weapons from low and medium heights, and it also has a solid arsenal of air-to-surface guided missiles.

This model is in service in more than 20 countries around the world – from Azerbaijan to Ethiopia, and with the release of the Age of Drones update, War Thunder will feature not only the original Soviet version of the vehicle, but also the export model of the Su-25K.

A cover for the song “Blood Type” was recorded by the Baltic Symphony Orchestra and the choir at the Lendok studio exclusively for War Thunder in honor of the double anniversary – in 2022 Viktor Tsoi turned 60 and the Kino group turned 40. Vocalist – musician, journalist and game designer Petr Salnikov.

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