Rowlight Platformer Tower Princess Coming September

Tower Princess combines the art style and comedic storytelling of games like King’s Quest with the fast action RPG of games like Rogue Legacy and the addictive platforming of games like Tunic.

In the fantasy world of Tower Princess, an evil dragon has captured all the nobility of the country. Now you will have to save not only the princesses, but also several princes, trying to earn their favor and, possibly, create a couple with them.

Combining old-school platforming with 3D animation, Tower Princess brings a whole new meaning to the adventures of a knight in shining armor. As if one princess wasn’t enough, players must save as many princesses and princes as possible before dying a horrific death. And then get up again and start all over again. In each round, players can collect upgrades to improve armor, swords, muskets, and cards.

Tower Princess will release on PC, PS4 and Nintendo Switch on September 8th. Already now it is possible make a game to your Steam Wishlist.

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