Rumor: Bend Studios is working on a successor to Siphon Filter – Project Propaganda


A few months ago, information appeared on the network about the likely development of a reboot of Siphon Filter by Bend Studios. Apparently, the studio is still working on the revival of the stealth shooter, but this will not be a remake or even a restart of the series. A new leak hints at the development of an open-world Siphon Filter ideological receiver.

Bend Studios is currently working on a project codenamed Project Propaganda. In the new game, the developers want to reflect the most memorable elements of Siphon Filter. Players will be sent to the setting of the late Cold War, during the time of active espionage operations.

Project Propaganda will get a completely open world and fairly familiar stealth mechanics. The leaker claims that now the project looks like a combination of the best elements of the last parts of Hitman and Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain.

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