Rumor: Gears of War series will receive a remastered collection in the style of the Master Chief Collection


The acclaimed Gears of War saga has always been a major part of the Xbox brand and it looks like it will be getting some serious attention in the coming months. According to rumors from various sources, we can get Gears: The Marcus Fenix ​​Collection, just as it happened with Halo: The Master Chief Collection.

According to a famous insider Shpeshal Nick another Xbox franchise that will get a re-release in the style of the Master Chief Collection. The main assumptions revolved around the Gears or Fable series. We already know that the latter has already received a reboot of sorts from Playground Games, what about Gears?

Tom Warren, editor of The Verge and well-known insider, wrote the following in response to this statement:

gears [Gears] really revolve in this rumor.

V Halo: The Master Chief Collection The graphics of the iconic games in the saga of Master Chef and Cortana have been recreated. It will be interesting to see what The Coalition manages to do, as they are considered “masters” in the field of graphics.

However, take this as a rumor for now and let’s wait for the official information.

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