Rumor: It looks like Sucker Punch is working on a sequel to Ghost of Tsushima


It looks like Ghost of Tsushima is getting a sequel on PS5. After the 2014 game Infamous: Second Son, Sucker Punch released Ghost of Tsushima in 2020, a brand new IP and a completely different developer game. However, upon release, the game became an instant commercial and critical success, accumulating over 8 million sales as of January 2022 and scoring 83 and 87 on Metacritic depending on the platform. Suffice it to say that no one would be surprised if the game gets a sequel, and that seems to be exactly what is happening.

Sucker Punch Productions, a PlayStation-owned studio, is recruiting for several roles including Senior Fight Designer and Technical Fight Designer. As you might expect, Sucker Punch doesn’t say in the job postings what applicants will be working on, but the developer notes that all applicants “must play Ghost of Tsushima and understand its core game systems” as a “requirement”. Why did applicants have to play Ghost of Tsushima as a requirement if the game in question is not a sequel? There is no other explanation, at least a reasonable one. This only confirms that a sequel is in development, which has yet to be confirmed.

For now, however, take everything written here with a grain of salt. Although these job postings are real and mention this requirement, the conclusions drawn, although expected and reasonable, still fall into the category of speculation.

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