Rumor: Marvel Wants to Make Another Young Spider-Man Movie, But Andrew Garfield Pushes for His Return


It seems that Andrew Garfield is serious about returning to the image of Spider-Man, but only under the wing of Marvel Studios. Some insiders claim that the actor is literally trying to persuade Marvel to abandon his own plans in favor of the third film in the Amazing Spider-Man series.

According to rumors, the leadership of Marvel wants to make another film about a young hero, which should film the story of Miles Morales and his rise as Spider-Man. Andrew Garfield has been in talks with studio head Kevin Feige for a long time to talk him out of the idea and give the green light to production on The Amazing Spider-Man 3.

Judging by the activation of leaks of various kinds, the fate of Spider-Man is now being decided within the framework of the cinematic universe. After “No way home”, the audience can expect almost any continuation and a new beginning for this hero.

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