Rumor: Microsoft will buy Capcom, and Resident Evil 4 remake will become an Xbox exclusive


In connection with the imminent announcement of the mysterious project from Capcom, the authors of the leaks became more active. According to the latest rumors that are actively spreading on the network, on February 21, the company that gave players the Resident Evil and Street Fighter series will announce a partnership with Microsoft and present Resident Evil 4 Remake.

Some sources claim that this will not be an ordinary collaboration between two large companies. Microsoft announces purchase of Capcom and all its internal assets, which will retain complete creative freedom. For Microsoft’s gaming division, this deal will be a fresh start in the Japanese market.

Along with this will be announced on the console Resident Evil 4 remake exclusives. Allegedly, the game will be released immediately only on the Xbox and PC consoles, perhaps later it will reach the PlayStation.

These messages should be treated with great mistrust. Rumors come from little-known sources that claim that the Capcom website was hacked, but there is no actual confirmation of this. Authoritative insiders do not confirm these rumors and call them speculation against the background of the recent deal between Microsoft and Activision. We can only find out the truth on February 21when the countdown ends on the Capcom website.

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