Rumor: Sony has acquired the rights to the famous game series Konami


Sony PlayStation has allegedly acquired the rights to develop and publish Konami’s popular game series, according to another rumor that continues to float around the usual question of bringing historical Konami games back under the Sony label, with the possibility that this game could be announced by 2022.

There are no exact details, and no specific game names are mentioned this time, the user VGnewsinsider, whose authenticity is in some doubt, reported the following:

PlayStation has privately acquired the rights to a very popular Konami intellectual property that could be the game I mentioned in previous leaks.

“More information next week,” he wrote further, referring to the week that had just begun, or perhaps the week after it, since the time of day does not make it easy to interpret this statement.

In any case, these are just rumors with no real basis at the moment and should therefore be treated accordingly. However, there is one interesting point: the same source previously spoke of the return of the “extremely popular” series, which will be announced at the end of 2022.

This rumor is also part of a cauldron of rumors that has been simmering for several years now: almost since the launch of PS5, there have been rumors about the introduction of the mythical Silent Hill exclusive on PS5 or PS4, developed internally by Sony or some team in collaboration.

In addition, there are rumors about the return of Metal Gear Solid, which can be either a remake or a new development from PlayStation Studios.

On the other hand, Konami seems to be planning to revive its famous franchises such as Metal Gear, Castlevania and Silent Hill, so there is a chance for such games to return. Meanwhile, she also forgot to renew the Silent Hill official website domain, and someone else took advantage of it.

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