Rumor: The Last of Us remake will have improved graphics and an expanded storyline


Rumors about the project The Last of Us Remake continue to spread on social networks and gaming forums. According to the latest rumors shared by an insider Foxyreissue of a masterpiece Naughty Dog for PS5 will feature first-class graphics and story additions.

Foxy decided to reappear on Twitter to intervene in one of the many discussions that have flared up among fans of the epic of Joel and Ellie, especially in recent days after Tom Henderson revealed that according to him the remake The Last of Us due out in the second half of 2022.

Foxy stated that the game will not only get a richer story, but also a graphical component that will surpass The Last of Us 2

Meanwhile Naughty Dog is recruiting talent for new projects, but the only thing officially known is that the studio is working on a multiplayer mode The Last of Us 2.

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