Rumor: The technical condition and some problems of Battlefield 2042 are simply impossible to fix


Despite the release of the developers of their New Year holidays, Electronic Arts continues to remain stubbornly silent about the future of Battlefield 2042. Even a verified insider Tom Henderson, who shared all the details of the shooter before the announcements. According to him, it will be very difficult to fix the problems of the shooter, and some bugs are simply impossible.

An insider said that right now the authors of Battlefield 2042 are stuck “between a rock and a hard place.” They are under a lot of pressure from the gaming community about the technical condition of the shooter, while they expect unsatisfactory sales reports for the game.

The future of Battlefield 2042 could be decided in early February when the company’s quarterly earnings report is released. Shooter sales results can directly affect its further updates. In case of poor performance, the team may announce a series of major content updates, the purpose of which will be to attract gamers to the project.

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