Russia plans to legalize pirated software

Against the backdrop of Western sanctions, the Russian authorities are discussing the abolition of criminal and administrative liability for the use of pirated software “from countries that supported the sanctions.”

The source refers to a document titled “Priority Action Plan for Ensuring the Development of the Russian Economy in the Conditions of External Sanctions Pressure”. It also refers to the possibility, in case of emergency, to use proprietary software without the consent of the patent owner.

The Ministry of Digital Development explained that we are not talking about any programs, but only about those where there are clearly no Russian analogues now.

“In terms of exemption from liability for the use of unlicensed software, we advocate a balanced approach in order to stimulate the transition to Russian software,” the department added.

Earlier, in connection with the imposed sanctions, Microsoft, Oracle, Autodesk, Cisco, SAP and others left Russia. At the same time, SAP noted that the company continues to support all existing customers within the framework of contractual obligations to the extent that sanctions and export control restrictions allow.

“All employees are working, but we have put on pause the conclusion of new contracts in Russia,” the Russian subsidiary of the SAP CIS organization clarified.

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