Russian government plans to release Russian 28nm processors by 2030

The Government of the Russian Federation has developed a preliminary version of the concept of a national project in Russia for the development of the electronics industry. The project is scheduled to be completed by 2030 and could cost taxpayers 3.19 trillion rubles.

Journalists have already studied the preliminary version of the national project, which has been developed since the beginning of February. The final version of the draft will be sent to Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin for approval on April 22. Responsible for the development of the project: Ministry of Industry and Trade, Ministry of Digital Development, Deputy Prime Ministers Dmitry Chernyshenko and Yuri Borisov. The project is divided into four categories: product, infrastructure, demand, personnel.


  • launching a program of reengineering of foreign solutions – in fact, copying what others are doing and launching this production in the Russian Federation and China;
  • by 2024, ensure 100% import substitution in all areas;
  • by 2030, complete the formation of a product portfolio of Russian technologies;
  • the amount of financing for the direction is 1.14 trillion rubles.


  • in 2022, the launch of production in Russia on the 90 nm process technology (launched in 2004);
  • by 2030 launch of production in Russia on the 28 nm process technology (launched in 2010);
  • by 2030, increase the number of Russian design centers from 70 to 300;
  • the amount of financing is 460 billion rubles.


  • stimulating the purchase of Russian electronics and subsidizing up to 50% of the amount of contracts from the budget;
  • by 2030, 30% of households in Russia will switch to Russian electronics;
  • by 2030, 100% of domestic electronics in public procurement;
  • the amount of financing is 1.28 trillion rubles.


  • carrying out 2,000 research works;
  • creation of 400 prototypes of new electronics;
  • to increase the personnel conversion of university graduates from 5% to 35%;
  • create at least 1000 design teams based on training design centers;
  • the amount of financing is 309 billion rubles.

Criticism of the project

As Kommersant writes, the interlocutor from a large Russian IT company was skeptical about such a national project, since most of the proposals are out of touch with reality. For example, the plan is to increase the number of design centers to 300 by 2030. Given that each should employ 100 specialized specialists (a total of 30-50 thousand people), and the training cycle for a specialized specialist is about 8-9 years, these people are already should go to universities.

Representatives of high-tech production, in particular, Arseniy Brykin from the Basis consortium, were also skeptical about this project. He believes that the creation of a plant for the production of 28-nm technology is a difficult task. In turn, the Russian MEMS Association believes that import substitution in the production of processors is impossible.

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