Ryan Gosling and mustached Chris Evans harass each other in the trailer for the action movie “The Gray Man”

Netflix has published the debut trailer for the upcoming action movie The Gray Man from the directors of the Russo brothers, who know firsthand how to make us beautiful – look at least at the First Avenger: The Winter Soldier and Avengers: Endgame.

The plot of the tape tells about the former CIA agent Kurt Gentry (Gosling), who, after a conflict with his superiors, leaves the service and retrains into a hired killer. Using a vast amount of knowledge, he easily copes with his new job and quickly becomes the most sought-after hitman in the world, earning the nickname of the Gray Man. His true identity is unknown to anyone except his former colleague Lloyd Hansen (Evans), who intends to return him to the CIA at any cost.

The Gray Man premieres July 15 exclusively on Netflix

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