Save sync issue on PC version of Elden Ring resolved


In the recently released update 1.02.3 for the PC version Elden Ring from FromSoftware And Bandai Namco A serious issue has been discovered that is causing some players to lose progress on PC.

The reasons were related to incorrect synchronization of game progress with Steam Cloud, a Valve platform service that offers automatic cloud backup. Under certain conditions, saves would not load correctly, resulting in a discrepancy between files on PC (newer) and files in the cloud (which are therefore out of date). In the event of a conflict, Steam always displays a warning message at startup, but inattentive players who choose to sync data to the cloud without properly reading it have seen many hours of progress go to waste.

The issue was rooted out in no time thanks to a Steam client update. From now on, there should be no conflicts between saved data on your PC and files uploaded to the cloud. The Steam client will update automatically the next time you launch it, if it doesn’t, you can force the update by opening the Steam drop-down menu located at the top left and selecting “Check for Steam Client Updates”.

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