“Scary” trailer Unusual Findings with voice acting from the 90s

In honor of Halloween, the developers have released a special personalized set called Adventure Llama Bundle, which includes Unusual Findings and the studio’s debut game – a dark but very funny Darkestville Castle quest.

And this is not the only Halloween gift set. Especially for fans of the game who supported Unusual Findings on Kickstarter, as well as for all fans of the aesthetics of the 80s, the Unusual Findings Supporter Bundle has appeared on Steam and in the Buki store, which, in addition to the game, included the official soundtrack, digital artbook and HD wallpapers for desktop.

And for those who encountered difficulties during the passage of Unusual Findings, the developers will soon add Vinnie’s Diary to the game – records of one of the main characters that will help you make the right choice in difficult times.

The retro quest Unusual Findings is available now on PC with a “very positive” rating on Steam.

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