Scorn Developers Still Targeting October Release

The developers from the Serbian studio Ebb Software in the latest update for sponsors on Kickstarter shared fresh information on how the work on Scorn is progressing and once again assured that the release will take place in October this year.

We’ve been asked a lot this month if we’re ready to launch in October, and we’re ready! The teams are working hard to keep us on track.

Here is the latest progress update from game designer Lubomir Peklar:

Over the past month, our 3D team has completed all remaining static meshes, so production is going well. They promise to complete everything in June. We’re currently focusing on animation and visuals the most, and the teams are busy fixing bugs and refining everything. We are full of energy preparing for the release in October and are very excited to be able to show more soon.

The developers plan to share much more information in the coming months as they really prepare for the release.

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