Season 26 kicks off in Diablo 3 with new activities and rewards


Ten years later, Diablo 3 is just not going to retire: while we continue to wait for news about the release date of Diablo 4 and Diablo Immortal, the third chapter of the game has entered a new stage in its history.

Season 26 of Diablo, Fall of the Nephalem, officially launched today, April 16th. Here’s how Blizzard Entertainment presents the new themed season:

The souls of the heroes defeated in the eternal struggle against evil cry out to you for help! Tricky nephalemYou will hear the petrified cries of the dead, communicating with the dying moments of the dead. Will they heed the whispers of redemption for fallen heroes as they live through their echoing nightmares? Or will they forever be trapped by joining nephalemam that didn’t survive? Only time will tell.

The most important novelty of the 26th season is undoubtedly “echoing nightmares” is a new mission in which players will face an increasingly intense challenge that will push the limits of their ability to stay in combat for as long as possible.

Season 26 rewards include items first introduced in Season 14, including boots and trousers from the Conqueror Set, a set of portrait frames dedicated to the mysterious Tal Rush, and a banner dedicated to the Archangel of Justice, Tyrael. For those who have completed the entire season to the rank of Guardian, there is a portrait of Rakkis and a pet “Toothy Warrior”.

If you would like more information about echoing nightmaresSeasonal Achievements and Darah Hedrig please check out with a detailed official changelog for Diablo 3 Season 26.

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